OUR Purpose

Bringing unparalleled speed, efficiency and effectiveness to sales organizations

When Sales Meets Engineering

Azeem Sadiq
Co-Founder - CEO
Azeem is a visionary in transforming sales dynamics with a deep passion for elevating sales teams through cutting edge AI technology. With 10 years of first-hand experience in B2B sales at world leading companies like Adobe, Gartner and OpenText, he brings a unique perspective to the challenges faced by sales professionals. Azeem combines his sales expertise with exceptional skills in prompt engineering to ensure a solution designed by sales, for sales. His comprehensive approach not only enhances sales strategies and operations but also ensures meticulous product management.

Committed to revolutionizing the sales industry, Azeem is driving the future of sales technology, making salespeople more efficient and effective.
David Gudeman
Co-Founder - CTO
David thrives on the excitement of crafting products from the ground up, leveraging cutting-edge technology to unlock human potential. With a rich background in developing enterprise solutions, he seamlessly blends innovation with a deep understanding of user needs. His leadership is defined by a commitment to pioneering solutions that empower and inspire, driving the future of how businesses leverage technology.