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Revolutionize your sales organization

Win rates
Convert more pipeline with real-time AI coaching
Deal Velocity
Automate CRM updates, business case generation and deal reviews
Next Gen Strategies
Amplify your strategies with AI

Real Time Guidance

Zero knowledge gap, zero skills gap for everyone
Dynamic guidance in sync with the live conversation
Makes sales leaders present on every call
100% customisation in line with your playbook
All reps updated instantly with the latest winning plays
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Process adoption at scale

Sales methodologies struggle to achieve adoption
Adapts methodologies for real conversations
Your playbooks applied in the moment
Dynamically guide your reps through every conversation
Process adherence in every meeting
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Capture every nuance of your methodology

Sales coaching tailored to your unique process
Unparalleled specificity in your own words
Easily adapt your methodology on the fly
Take what works and scale it to the entire organization
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Track sales effectiveness at scale

Measure methodology adoption across the sales organization
Capture what works in every scenario
Identify areas of improvement in your methodology
Track rep performance and target coaching areas
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Mitigate deal risk

Augment your deal review process with AI
Enhance forecast accuracy
Address bottlenecks before it's too late
Cover every possible outcome with AI
Targeted sales strategy for every deal
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Enable your champions

90% of deals are done when you are not present
1-click business case generation
Tell a compelling story in your prospects words
Unparalleled breadth and depth
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Follow up with the speed you need

Follow up in 60 seconds
Identify every participant and their key discussion points
Highlight all relevant topics discussed
Address any prospect questions
Present a targeted mutual action plan
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Never fill the CRM again

50% of sales reps time is spent on admin tasks
Identify every CRM field relevant to your deal
Auto populate the fields with every detail
Save hours of manual work
Ensure CRM hygiene with laser precision
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Nothing less than excellent

“Transitioning from a Google doc to  Velocity AI's dynamic maps and real-time guidance has been a game-changer. It's transformed my sales process. Now I have deep discovery on every opportunity”
Adam Collis
Account Executive, Money 2020
“100% sales coaching coverage of every call has never been POSSIBLE before Velocity, much less EASY. I'm able to review my clients' teams' calls and quickly pick up on focus areas. When we offer a guarantee of improvement, every innovation matters a LOT"
Jeremy Pope
CEO, Sales Call Overhaul
“Before Velocity, managing sales was a complex maze of tasks.
Now, Velocity's AI-driven guidance and automated workflows have changed how I sell. There’s no going back.”
Rudi Plunchino
CEO, Ourus
"I used to spend hours building talk tracks for my sales calls. The follow ups after were even more time consuming.

With Velocity's real-time coaching and 1 click business case generation, I get all that time back to focus on business critical tasks"
Ravi Pandya
CEO, Leadlinker
Launching our marketing agency in a tough economic climate had challenges. Using Velocity to streamline my sales process made me a more effective seller and helped me land my first few clients. Velocity definitely leveled up my sales game and improved our agencies overall sales processes.
Mukhtar Meer
CEO, VisionHaus
“Velocity AI is going to change the inside sales space. During sales calls it guides you through the sales call, showing you what information you have and what you still need to collect, and provides clear pointers during the call that keep you on top of your closing process to get each and every sale."
Ben Roman
CEO, The Engine Room

Everything your sales team needs in one place.

Real-time AI Guidance

Win every critical revenue moment by bringing your playbooks to life with a customised AI coach guiding your sales rep's when they need it most

Dynamic Checklist

Follows your conversation and dynamically updates your custom checklist.

Auto CRM Updates

Get reps out of CRM and into the action. Velocity captures every nuance of the deal and updates CRM.

Instant Follow Up

No more writers block. Every conversation is analyzed and instantly transformed into winning follow up email.

1-Click Business Cases

Stop sending champions marketing material they can't use. Arm yourself with instant, winning business cases in the customers own words to boost win rates.

Instant Deal Reviews

Instantly identify sales cycle bottlenecks and craft strategies to mitigate against deal loss

Custom Methodology

Let's not stop at MEDDPICC. Customise every nuance of your deal methodology and deploy at scale, instantly. Updating is as simple as updating your google doc.
Adopted by companies all over the world

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